Disc mills are mainly used as a substitute for cracking mills and hammer mills. After several years of product development and intensive practical testing, we can claim that our disc mill is highly energy efficient and has an optimal grinding. The original aim was to develop an all-round mill for crushing and grinding grain and crops. In the meantime, the mill is also used for applications outside the feed and food industries.

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Innovative Technology

The disc mill has a grinding zone with interlocking trapezoidal grinding discs. A large pre-crushing zone with an acute intake angle enables optimal use of the grinding surface due to large pre-crushing and grinding zones with a corresponding shear effect. A large crushing zone with a sharp adjustment angle ensures optimal utilisation of the grinding surface. Thanks to the large crushing and grinding zones with appropriate shearing effects and low resistance, the disc mill ensures the best grinding results. The positioning of the main and side knives guarantees a clean and low-friction grinding process. The special grinding process and the different peripheral speeds ensure optimum utilisation of the discs’ geometry. At the same time, the mill should allow automatic adjusting of the grinding degree during operation according to the required fineness and structure of the specific feed mixtures for different animal groups or species.

Benefits compared to hammer mills

Significantly reduced energy consumption

In process technology, grinding is one of the most energy-consuming processes. Compared to the widely used hammer mills, there are many benefits to be gained. The blade geometry of our disc mill ensures minimal heating of the grinding material during the grinding process. The energy balance per tonne has a ratio of 4:1 in favour of the disc mill.

Stable homogeneity and less grit and fines

In the grinding process, the homogeneity is essential. An even grain size makes the mixtures more stable. This results in less segregation during transport. The traditionally used hammer mill results in a lot of fine fraction in the crushed material. With our disc mill, we are able to minimise the fine fractions.

Benefits compared to cracking mills

Higher capacity

Our disc mill has a significantly higher capacity compared to fluted rollers. How this works is explained here. The capacity is determined by the length of the rolls on the one hand and the distance between the rolls on the other.

Clean Grinding

The wide interlocking grinding discs produce an extraordinary cutting effect and a clean grind. The cutting shape of the grooves is designed in such a way that only minimal heating of the grinding material is required.

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