Competence through tradition

We have an agency representing UNIMATEC, a leading German manufacturer of embossing machines and rollers.

UNIMATEC designs, manufactures, and installs high-quality embossing machines, rollers, and sets.

Our machines and rollers meet the requirements of various industries, such as textile, paper, metal, plastic, leather, and aluminum.

Thanks to intensive and open communication with our customers, we are able to find a tailor-made solution for every individual application.

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Complete lifecycle

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High-quality technology

Utilization of both modern and conventional techniques.

Embossing relief rolls

This is the roll on which the desired pattern or relief is engraved or etched. This roll transfers the design onto the material being embossed.

Our embossing rolls are available in various sizes, up to 4800 mm wide and with a diameter of 600 mm. Our experts are ready to advise you on design and embossing. We offer a wide range of products, including single rollers, sets with different materials, and special embossing rolls.

We have developed patented solutions to extend the lifespan of the rolls and improve the quality of embossing. We also have convenient systems for quick adjustment during the production process. With our multi-stage nip selector, the machine operator can easily adjust the embossing to the material.

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Sets & systems

In addition to machines and embossing rollers, we also offer complete systems, such as roller sets including cassettes and gears. Our roller sets include embossing rollers with positive/negative or positive/positive structures.

We are happy to provide expert advice on the optimal use of your embossing roller set or on improving customer originals for better reproduction.

Our patented solutions

1. Compensation of Load Alternation

The compensation of load alternation device developed by UNIMATEC is a true milestone for embossing tissue products. By eliminating the bearing clearance in the system, the capacity of the rolls swinging is reduced to a minimum. This increases the service life of the rollers, and the uniformity of the layer adhesion is enhanced considerably. This is particularly important for the flat embossings of up to 0.2 mm as required today.

2. Quick adjustment

The continuous optimization of the embossing process is one of our major areas of focus. The UNIMATEC “pin-to-flat” roller sets with quick adjustment are one of the best examples for this. This system enables you to reproducibly change the embossing gap within seconds.

3. Multi Stage Nip Selector

The multi stage nip selector is a gap setting device with four preset gap dimensions. This helps the machine operator to easily adjust the embossing gap to the material during production.

Embossing counter pressure rolls

The choice of the counter pressure roll depends on various factors such as the type of material being embossed, the desired depth of embossing, the speed of the process, and the specific characteristics of the embossing machines. Counter pressure rolls in embossing can be made of different materials, including steel, rubber, plastic, paper, cotton, and wool.

Types of counter pressure rolls

We are capable of supplying a diverse range of counter pressure rolls.


Steel counter pressure rolls are suitable for applications with extreme pressure and wear.


Rubber counter pressure rolls are popular due to their flexibility, elasticity, and durability.


Simtex™ counter pressure rolls, featuring a specially formulated synthetic fiber, offer superior strength and definition.


Super Elastic™ coating, made from 100% woven cotton, is known for its excellent resilience and durability. It is ideal for intricate designs and has a quick break-in period with minimal maintenance.


Wool coating is ideal for various applications due to its adjustable hardness and wool content. Whether it’s fine or deep designs, wool coating provides precise embossing results.


Combination counter pressure rolls, also known as counter pressure bowls, consist of paper, cotton, and wool. This provides a very soft surface, ideal for embossing delicate materials.

Walsbekleding tegendrukrollen

Each counter pressure roll is designed for specific applications and material requirements, depending on the embossing needs and the materials being processed.

Thanks to our partnership with KWF Hilger, a leading specialist in embossing rolls with paper, cotton, or Super Elastic™ coatings, we can offer a complete range. This includes new embossing rolls, the production of new shafts, new covering sleeves for existing shafts, and rewrapping of coatings.

The KWF-Hilger range extends from the smallest embossing roll they have ever produced, with a coating length of 110 mm and a diameter of 80 mm, to the largest with a coating length of 2,900 mm and a diameter of 850 mm.

Close-up of some successful products from KWF-Hilger

Wool roll covering

Our wool roll covering for embossing rolls combines cotton and wool for an optimal blend of softness and durability. This covering is ideal for various applications due to its adjustable hardness and wool content. Whether it’s fine or deep designs, our wool roll covering provides precise embossing results. With a focus on quality and versatility, our wool roll covering is a reliable choice for a wide range of embossing needs.

Cotton roll covering

Our Super Elastic™ covering, made from 100% woven cotton, is renowned for its excellent resilience and durability. This covering is particularly suitable for intricate designs and requires a quick break-in period with minimal maintenance. Thanks to its high-quality materials and construction, Super Elastic™ provides a reliable and consistent embossing experience. With its resilient properties and easy maintenance, it is the ideal choice for a wide range of embossing applications.

Synthetic roll covering

Simtex™ Embossing offers groundbreaking performance with its specially formulated synthetic fiber roll covering for counter pressure rolls, enhancing the quality and durability of the embossing process. The unique composition provides superior strength and definition, withstanding temperatures of over 250°C for fast embossing. Benefits include extended adjustment intervals, versatility in design depth, reduced downtime, and increased productivity. Simtex™ does not require a cooling system, allowing for perfect definition even at speeds up to 1000 m/min, making it an ideal upgrade for embossing operations.

Embossing machines

We offer various types of embossing machines.

Thanks to a wide range of machine types, our embossing machines offer a virtually unlimited range of applications. Whether it’s producing heat shields, roof shingles, sandwich panels, garage doors, or other industrial necessities, we provide customized solutions. From integrated seat embossers to stand-alone machines with interchangeable embossing cassettes, we are ready for any challenge. Our systems process various materials such as paper, plastic, and metal, with stamping forces up to 2,500 kN. With our experienced team, we also offer repair, modernization, and develop innovative engravings and embossing processes for plastic, aluminum, steel sheets, non-wovens, fabrics, and more.

We provide both standard and customized solutions.

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Embossing pilot plant

Our embossing test line in our own laboratory enables us to develop and test customized embossing processes for a wide range of customers. We can realistically reproduce embossing processes for various fabrics, aluminum, sheet metal, and even foil processing. Thanks to intensive and open communication with our customers, we find tailor-made solutions for every individual application.


Our embossing rolls and machines are used in the production of various products.

Paper & Tissue

Napkins, tissues, kitchen rolls, toilet paper, writing paper, artist paper, paper tablecloths, and packaging.


Insulation panels, roof shingles, elevator linings, sinks, facade cladding, blister packaging, coffee capsules, and aluminum lids.


Heat shields, perforation, interior applications, as well as leather and artificial leather applications.


Metal films, composite materials, plastic films, furniture edges, belts, tapes, lids, packaging and hygiene films, as well as decorative foils.


I.e. packaging tapes and monofilaments.


Bitumen sheets, dental floss, non-woven materials, and textiles.

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