Calendering is the forming of a thermoplastic mass between two or more rollers into a foil.

Calendering is an industrial technique. It involves heating and kneading a plastic thermoplastic mass into a viscous form and then processing it between two or more rollers into a cooled foil or strip of a certain thickness. The strip or foil obtained can be either the end product or a semi-finished product.

Calender rolls are used for the production of plastic foil and rubber products. With Calender rollers, even the smallest defects in the roll surface, e.g. pores or cracks, have to be excluded to ensure the best possible quality of the product. The more precise the grinding of the Calender rolls, the better the product tolerance value.

Manufacturing Process

Our calender rolls are custom made and the technology used depends on your application.

Constructed cylinders rolls

Manufactured according the requested specifications

The basis of our cylinder rolls are tubes.The materials are steel, stainless steel, aluminium or combinations.

The quality of the weld seam is an important component for the quality of the cylinder. Therefore, welding is one of the core competences for cylinder construction. We place great value on this. Our partners are certified companies.

We build in this range: heating and cooling rollers, laminating rollers, calendars, printing rollers and embossing rolls, et cetera.

Chilled Cast Iron

Standard chilled cast rolls

The casting process for chilled cast iron and grey cast iron is using the static castic proces. The horizontal centrifugal casting is used for smaller rolls.

Click here for more details about the casting processes.

In this range we built: mixing rolls, thermo rolls, calender rolls, heating and cooling rolls, laminating rolls, printing rolls, refining rolls, flaking rolls, cracking rolls and embossing rolls.

Our standard chilled cast rolls

IndustryPVC-foil productionrubber and tire production
Diameter300 – 875 mm300 – 875 mm
Roll body length600 – 4,500 mm600 – 3,000 mm
Materialchilled cast iron Tuk 00 – Tuk 30,
forged steel, e.g. 42CrMo4,
34CrNiMo6, 30CrNiMo8, 58CrV6
chilled cast iron Tuk 00 – Tuk 30,
forged steel
Designcored, peripherally drilled with
plug or ring sealing
cored, peripherally drilled with
plug or ring sealing
Coatingwithout coating, chrome, tungsten carbidewithout coating, chrome
Surfacecylindrically ground or ground with crown,
polished, Ra <= 0.02 mm
cylindrically ground or ground with crown
PrecisionTIR and geometrical shape
0.002 mm
TIR and geometrical shape
0.005 mm
Special featureshot ground for best precision
at operating temperature


Our calender rolls are used in various industries, including the following.

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