With a lot of expertise, we advise and guide you in the world of roller technology. Our partners are renowned European manufacturing companies with reliable delivery times and very high quality.

With our experience and our competence, we guide you through the range of high-quality rollers produced in Europe and, of course, our state-of-the-art machines such crushing and mixing mills. These cannot be compared with low-tech plants from cheap labor cost countries.

We, Triple Engineering stand for quality, reliability and service. Present your project to us and we’ll give you the best economic and technical tools to achieve your business goals.

Managing Partner: Eric Claeys

Founder and Managing Partner of Triple Engineering is mechanical engineer Eric Claeys:

“My specialization is roll technology and development of rolling mills, the process of laminating, crushing, crushing and flaking by rolling in a rolling mill. This is mainly focused on the plastics, paper, food and animal feed industries. As an international designer, sales manager, recognized innovator and general manager at various companies, I have acquired decades of experience. Throughout my career as an engineer I have been involved in various aspects of mechanical engineering. I can call myself a passionate expert and advisor.I find openness and involvement as a person, colleague and supplier very important. Achieving something together in a good working atmosphere is satisfying!”

Why do clients choose for Triple Engineering?

  • One-stop shop

    Central point of contact for all your questions.

  • Services

    Engineering, refinishing and reconditioning of rolls.

  • Benefits of European Industry

    High quality, eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

  • Language

    We speak your language: Dutch, English and French.

  • Short lines and delivery times

    We do keep delivery times as short as possible.

  • No extra costs

    Our services are part of the services of our partners.