Our cylinders are perfectly manufactured and ready to use. We can produce for you cylinders for gravure, screen, lacquer, color, impression, pressure, air and offset cylinders. In addition to our high value basic cylinders, we offer expertise especially in surface treatment.

Our cylinders are used for printing on:

  • Paper
  • Foil
  • Laminates
  • Embossing
  • Metal

Our solid casted printing cylinders are used for painting metal.

“The more homogenous the surface of the printing cylinder, the better the print result.”



Our graphic rolls are made by cast iron and on the basis of cylinders

Constructed cylinders rolls

Manufactured according the requested specifications

The basis of our cylinder rolls are tubes.The materials are steel, stainless steel, aluminium or combinations.

The quality of the weld seam is an important component for the quality of the cylinder. Therefore, welding is one of the core competences for cylinder construction. We place great value on this. Our partners are certified companies.

We build in this range: heating and cooling rollers, laminating rollers, calendars, printing rollers and embossing rolls, et cetera.

Chilled Cast Iron

Standard chilled cast rolls

The casting process for chilled cast iron and grey cast iron is using the static castic proces. The horizontal centrifugal casting is used for smaller rolls.

Click here for more details about the casting processes.

In this range we built: mixing rolls, thermo rolls, calender rolls, heating and cooling rolls, laminating rolls, printing rolls, refining rolls, flaking rolls, cracking rolls and embossing rolls.

Technical data solid casted printing cylinders

Industryproduction of metal packages
Common diametere.g. 328.7 mm
Common roll body lengthe.g. 1,090 mm, 1,155 mm, 1,280 mm
Materialchilled cast iron TR 120
Designsolid casted
Journalsmade from steel – shrunk in
Coatingwithout coating
Surfaceground with crown and polished
Special featuresroll body sharp-edged


Our graphic rolls are used in various industries, including the following.

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