At Triple-Engineering, we specialize in industrial rollers and offer a variety of covering materials such as rubber, synthetic fibers, wool, and cotton, as well as coatings like chrome and tungsten carbide.

We provide customized solutions by combining our expertise with a thorough analysis of chemical, physical, and mechanical properties, ensuring we deliver the perfect solution for your application.

Discover how our innovative approach can enhance your production efficiency. At Triple-Engineering, we stand for precision roller technology and are ready to meet your needs.


Triple Engineering has the capability to provide your rollers with coatings of chrome and tungsten carbide, each material possessing unique properties and offering benefits in various situations.

Chrome plating

Chrome plated are cylinders that are subject to wear. The technical, chemical and physical properties of chrome are utilized in many industrial uses.

In contrast to high gloss chrome applications for example in bathroom fittings, the hard chrome layer for industrial applications is much higher and depends largely on the expected mechanical and or chemical wear of the work piece.

Our chrome tanks accommodate cylinders up to Ø 420 mm and a face length of 2 700 mm.

If required we offer a final treatment with stone finish and polishing respectively. Our clients requirement determines the results being matt, coarse or mirror finished. Of course storage and form tolerances are adhered to as well as the desired surface roughness achieved.

Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt (WC-Co)

Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt (WC-Co) is a composite material consisting of tungsten carbide (WC) particles reinforced with cobalt (Co) as a binder. WC-Co, used as a top layer for rollers, offers several advantages over chrome. Known for its excellent wear resistance, WC-Co extends roller lifespan and reduces maintenance costs. It is also more environmentally friendly due to its production involving fewer harmful chemicals compared to hard chrome plating. WC-Co boasts higher hardness (1250-1650 HV) compared to chrome (800-950 HV), withstands high temperatures, and provides better chemical resistance. Moreover, WC-Co can be machined to very tight tolerances and fine surface qualities. By enhancing longevity and minimizing downtime, WC-Co boosts production efficiency across various industries including steel, aluminum, printing, and plastics.

Download our Tungsten Carbide brochure or contact us to discuss the possibilities further.

Roller Coverings

We offer various calender rollers, each with their own properties and applications.

Rubber roll coverings

Rubber as roll covering offers a balanced combination of properties that meet stringent industrial standards. Chemically resistant to ozone, acids, alkalis, oils, and detergents, it ensures durability in diverse environments. Physically, it provides impressive temperature resistance, elasticity, abrasion resistance, and electrical conductivity, making it suitable for various applications. Mechanically, quality choices are determined based on factors such as hardness, wear resistance, and grip, all tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. With rubber as roll covering, you can rely on consistent performance and reliability for your rolls.

Synthetic fiber roll covering

In this type of covering, Simtex™ is one of KWF Hilfer’s revolutionary products. This super elastic cover is not only highly durable but also leaves no marks or traces on surfaces it comes into contact with. It withstands temperatures up to 250 °C.

Simtex™ excels as an embossing back-up roll and calender roll in the paper and textile industries. The fiber covering is a high-quality replacement for conventional rubber and PU rolls. As a squeezing roll in the textile industry, it not only offers a longer lifespan but also significantly higher efficiency. The Roberto™ type from KWF Hilfer results in a 40% energy consumption reduction compared to rubber and PU rolls.

Wool roll covering

Our wool roll covering combines cotton and wool for an optimal blend of softness and strength. This covering is ideal for various applications due to its adjustable hardness and wool content. With a focus on quality and versatility, wool covering is a reliable choice, especially for embossing. Whether for intricate or deep designs, wool covering delivers precise embossing results.

Cotton roll covering

Cotton roll covering is applied in Simili calenders and other textile finishing machines, where it creates a mercerization effect that ensures smoothness, luster, density, and grip on textiles. As a world leader in high-quality cotton calender rolls, KWF Hilger offers rolls with outstanding properties, including high resilience, strength, and density.

These rolls provide optimal fabric surface finishing and resist surface damage. With their superior roll surface characteristics, these rolls ensure consistent performance and contribute to the high-quality production of textiles.


A typical combination roll covering is paper and cotton, available in options such as blue denim and finely woven woolen paper in various grades. This combination is suitable for calendering paper. Depending on machine parameters, the material to be calendered, and desired outcomes, we recommend the composition of paper and cotton covering that best suits your application.


Triple-Engineering is the representative of KWF-Hilger for the Benelux and France. KWF-Hilger is a globally leading supplier of high-quality roll coverings for calender rolls, squeezing rolls, and embossing back-up rolls. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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