Tungsten carbide



Non-stick coatings

Chrome plating 

Chrome plated are cylinders that are subject to wear. The technical, chemical and physical properties of chrome are utilized in many industrial uses.

In contrast to high gloss chrome applications for example in bathroom fittings, the hard chrome layer for industrial applications is much higher and depends largely on the expected mechanical and or chemical wear of the work piece.

Our chrome tanks accommodate cylinders up to Ø 420 mm and a face length of 2 700 mm.

If required we offer a final treatment with stone finish and polishing respectively. Our clients requirement determines the results being matt, coarse or mirror finished. Of course storage and form tolerances are adhered to as well as the desired surface roughness achieved.

Copper plating

Galvanic copper is a high art. By electrolytic plating a base cylinder is coated with a metallic layer. Many factors determine the layer functionality. Temperature, rotation speed, quality of the base cylinder and copper plating time and many more factors. Our galvanic copper tanks allows for plating of rotation symmetrical units of the highest quality level with a wide range

Dimensions of Ø 1 200 x 2 800 mm to Ø 620 mm x 4 400
These dimensions are used for:

  • Current conduction or contact rollers
  • Copper pipes
  • Thick film copper for embossing cylinders

All our processes conform to the highest value for both sustainability and the environment. For this reason we operate an environmentally orientated neutralization unit and treat the waste water.

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