Paper has become an indispensable part of everyday life. As a basis for printed media, as a packaging material, for daily hygiene or for a multitude of other applications, from banknotes to filter paper, it serves people in different ways. Depending on the application, different types of rolls can be used for the production and processing of paper. Calender rolls, thermal rolls and rollers are examples of the variety of rolls used in the paper industry. Increasing demands on speed, tolerance and quality in the ever more demanding production result in higher demands on the rollers in the areas of running behaviour, wear characteristics and temperature distribution.Together with you, we tailor the design, heating possibilities and materials of the rolls precisely to your paper type and production.


Triple Engineering sells and services various rolls for the paper and printing industry.

Why do clients choose for Triple Engineering?

  • One-stop shop

    Central point of contact for all your questions.

  • Services

    Engineering, refinishing and reconditioning of rolls.

  • Benefits of European Industry

    High quality, eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

  • Language

    We speak your language: Dutch, English and French.

  • Short lines and delivery times

    We do keep delivery times as short as possible.

  • No extra costs

    Our services are part of the services of our partners.