The ALU-Sleeve is the best choice compared tot he standard plastic sleeves available in the market. The aluminium body ensures that the sleeves achieve consistently good printing results over a long period of time without form deviations or loss in quality.

Aluminum as the material for the body ensures that the sleeves do not experience any deformation over a long printing period and thus the printing result remains constant. And this at a weight that ensures uncomplicated handling. Of course, we offer the usual dimensions in terms of print length and print width. However, thanks to consistent in-house production, which makes us independent of suppliers, special dimensions are also available.

Flexo sleeves ensure quality in your printing


Excellent resistance to chemical or thermal stresses


Scratch and abrasion resistant surface

Easy assembly

Easy assembly at 6 bar and 720 l/min air volume


High concentricity


Dimensional accuracy

Frontal protection

Aluminum protection secures all surfaces against chemicals, humidity, UV

Register Ring

Corrosion-proof register ring made of VA steel