Our embossing rolls belong to a new generation. They have been manufactured with the highest quality laser technology. The rollers are more precise, environmentally friendly and have a shorter delivery time than conventional rollers produced with mechanical tools and acids.

The results? Continuously high-quality direct engraving even in hardened steel is an Emboss depths from 0.005 to 4 millimeters possible.

In the embossing roller sector, regardless of whether you work with steel, hardened steel, copper or other materials, we are the ideal embossing roll supplier and able to implement your design entirely from the digital world.

Choose from wood, linen, leather, linen, silk, pyramid, honeycomb, worm-shaped, or sand structures. We offer complete freedom when it comes to the structure and design. We are a full service supplier embossing rolls , embossing sets positive/positive or positive/negative and industrial embossing machines.

Our qualities

Laser Technology

The most advanced laser technology.

Low carbon footprint

Maximum energy- saving production without use of acids or mechanical tools

Design development

We are your sparring partner.

Delivery times

Extremely short delivery times

Full Service Provider

Embossing rolls, embossing sets positive/positive or positive/negative and industrial embossing machines.

Lifecycle Management

Conception / Conversion / Exact re-work

Rolls/roll sets and systems

Our roll sets are embossing rollers with either a positive/negative or positive/positive embossing structure.

We are more than happy to provide you with the right embossing frames, gears and guides, as well as expert consultation regarding the optimum use of your embossing roller set or from customer original to a better reproduction.

We specialize in rolls for aluminum, paper, plastic straps , PET, metal industry (steel, stainless steel), leather and plastic, fashion, packaging market, tissue industry, non-woven industry.

As well as pure embossing rolls, we are able to provide you with entire systems,
 such as roll sets including cassettes and gears. We are a one-stop, full-service supplier.

Design & development

Creative designs with highest precision for various areas of applications. Our embossed rolls offer you complete freedom when it comes to the structure and design.

Some standard structures

Rolls tailor made for you

Consider us your sparring partner – throw some requests our way. We’ll counter with suggestions and concrete plans. Our media designers will use your specifications and technical data to create a clear 3D model.

Finally – and only once you’re satisfied – our experts will manufacture the perfect roll for your needs. What’s more, since we handle all processes in SAP, we can integrate every digital interface into your system topography.

From customer original to reproduction

  • High resolution 3D-Scan of the original
  • 3D design development via EBV
  • High-precision laser engraving using a high- power laser  “Cellaxcy C500”.
  • Matrix preparation
  • Impression/Silicon impression
  • Engraving measurement/depth
  • Measurement with state-of-the-art measuring
  • Equipment “MarfSurf CM Mobile
  • Comparison with the original
  • Manufacture of the pilot roll.
  • Manufacture of the production roll


Harder, stronger, tougher

Choose from a variety of coatings. Our team will be on-hand to provide advice, ensuring that you get the best possible rolls or machine for your application.

Lifecycle Management

Another of our strengths

Save money and conserve resources by extending the service life of your embossing rollers.
Triple-Engineering will do all the work involved in life cycle management on your behalf.

The scope of services that we offer our customers spans the entire service life. We listen to your ideas, create 3D scans, process the relevant data, perform a test lasering step including silicone if requested, produce rollers once we receive customer approval, install them in cassettes or systems made available to use by our customers, and are more than happy to take care of roller maintenance and repairs as well.

In addition, we are able to re-laser rollers, provided that this service is agreed in advance.


  1. Talk to our experts to hash out your idea and work out the finer details.
  2. Turn your ideas into reality – with us, you can bring your existing structures or your design to life with our 3D scanner and image processing services.
  3. Sit back, relax and let us provide you with rollers more precise than any you’ve seen before.
  4. Receive your ideal rollers in an outstandingly short delivery time.
  5. Benefit from our installation, maintenance and repair service.
  6. Extend the service life of your rollers: We will recondition them for you, as well as performing all the required installation, maintenance and repair work.


At a glance, the branches in which we are active:

  • Aluminium
  • Metal (Steel/Stainless steel)
  • Leader/ Artificial leader/Fashion
  • Wallpaper
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Packaging
  • Tissue
  • Non-wovens
  • Machine building


  • Shielding technology, food, automotive div.
  • Architecture,Facades,Sinks, lift cladding
  • Interior, leather and imitation leather applications
  • Gift paper, playing cards etc.
  • Plastic sheets, furniture edges, straps, tapes, lids, packaging / hygiene foils, decorative foils div.
  • Blister packs, coffee capsules, aluminium lids
  • Toilet paper, napkins, kitchen rolls
  • Nappies, sanitary towels, surgical gowns, roofing sheets, inlets
  • Special machine construction for all applications

Why do clients choose for Triple Engineering?

  • One-stop shop

    Central point of contact for all your questions.

  • Services

    Engineering, refinishing and reconditioning of rolls.

  • Benefits of European Industry

    High quality, eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

  • Language

    We speak your language: Dutch, English and French.

  • Short lines and delivery times

    We do keep delivery times as short as possible.

  • No extra costs

    Our services are part of the services of our partners.