Coating rolls with silicone is a process in which the rollers of machines are provided with a silicone rubber coating. Silicone rubber is a synthetic polymer material appreciated for its specific properties and application possibilities.

Applications of silicone coating

Heat resistance
Silicone rubber is known for its excellent heat resistance. This makes it suitable for applications where the rollers are exposed to high temperatures, such as in the production of flexible plastics, films, and textiles.

Non-stick properties
Silicone rubber naturally possesses non-stick properties, meaning that materials do not easily adhere to the surface of the rolls. This makes it suitable for applications where preventing stickiness is essential, such as in processing sticky substances in the food processing industry.

Chemical resistance
Silicone rubber is resistant to many chemicals, making it suitable for applications where the rollers may come into contact with acids, bases, solvents, or oils.

Flexibility and elastic properties
Silicone rubber is flexible and elastic, allowing it to adapt to varying surfaces and tolerate deformation without permanent distortion. This is useful in applications where rolls come into direct contact with materials of varying thicknesses.

Wear resistance
While silicone rubber is not as wear-resistant as some other materials like polyurethane, it still provides sufficient wear resistance for certain applications, especially those where other properties like heat resistance and non-stick characteristics are essential.

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